Hero vs Idol

I think I have come up with a decent litmus test for how to determine if someone merely is a hero to you, or whether you worship them. This is preliminary, but I think it is suggestive. Here’s the scenario:

After a performance/speech, the performer/speaker removes his or her shirt and throws it into the audience.

If it’s just a hero, the audience let’s it fall to the ground and it gets swept into the trash when everyone leaves.

If it’s an idol, the crowd shrieks like 12 year olds at a Justin Bieber concert and they begin fighting over it like a herd of starving Tasmanian Devils.

What do you think? Does that sound about right?

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About TheStevenator

My name is Steven Zuber. I am a 23 year old college student, studying cognitive science and whatever else catches my fancy at CSU. In my free time, I study subject that either aren't tought well in school, like math, or aren't covered at all in real classes, like interesting physics and psychology, play video games, and whatever else it is that people do. I'm dating an amazing woman who is currently getting her Master's degree at Columbia University.
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One Response to Hero vs Idol

  1. Rachel K says:

    It would depend on who the person in question was

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